What is the difference between Espresso, Cappuccino or Macchiato?

October 28, 2020

What is the difference between Espresso, Cappuccino or Macchiato?

Coffee is a beverage that is no stranger to everyone. The bitterness of coffee is different, but it has very different endings. Not only pure coffee versions of famous lines but also variations to make the coffee more attractive, cooling the hearts of the most demanding diners. Let's find out!

1. Espresso coffeeCafe Espresso

Espresso coffee, formerly known as cream coffee, is prepared by compressing hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee powder. This preparation makes the coffee flavor very strong and the characteristic is that there is a layer of brown foam on the face that plays an important part in the aroma of coffee.

Espresso coffee is usually served with a thick pre-heated cup, the cup's capacity is about 40ml. This coffee is very concentrated and has a higher caffeine content than many other beverages.

Drinking Espresso is an art. People enjoy one hand holding a cup and holding the plate in one hand, inhaling the seductive scent and then drinking the cup in just 3-4 breaths. The whole process is quick but neat and elegant.

2. Cappuccino (capuchino) coffeeCà phê Cappuccino

Recently, Cappuccino is not too strange for those who regularly drink coffee. A cup of coffee consists of 3 parts: espresso, hot milk and foam and is usually very evenly divided.

Capuchino is a modification of the coffee latte. At first, cappuccino was mixed with thick hot chocolate and cream. After 1820, the coffee cup is coated with chocolate powder in the form of small pieces on whipped cream.Capuchino

Depending on the brewing place, Cappuccino is also different. In Germany, capuchino uses whipped cream instead of effervescent milk. In Austria, when ordering capuchino coffee will be served a cup of coffee with cream and a little cocoa powder. In the hometown of capuchino - Italy, the bartender often uses a mold or uses a spoon, stirring the art while sprinkling the powder to create artistic shapes. Each person has a different mixing style, different spirit, different art.

3. Macchiato coffee

Macchiato in Italian means speckled, precisely because of its name that many people dispute in the preparation. People add a few milk streaks to the top of the coffee cup to create eye-catching ripples.

However, many places put quite a lot of milk into their Macchiato cups. Therefore, customers who come to drink or confuse coffee Macchiato and Latte.

4. Coffee LatteCà phê Latte

Coffee Latte in Italian means coffee with milk. If you are not very connoisseur, it is easy to confuse the taste of Latte with Capuchino because both are ingredients of Espresso coffee, hot milk and foam.

However, if the amount of hot milk in Cappuccino is equal to that of milk foam, in Latte, the amount of milk foam is equal to half of that of hot milk. Therefore, a cup of Latte is always less volatile than Cappuccino.

Traditionally, Cappuccino is served in thick, pre-heated cups and latte is consumed in rather large glasses.

Cafe not only stop at the above types but also many more. Sipping a cup of coffee with relatives is great, right!



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